Open Employment Positions At Atmosphere Clothing & MASA Clothing!


A Little About Us:
The atmosphere super fashion company is an individual and style driven brand. Our intention is to stay true to our roots, ourselves, and to keep it real always. we do not cater to trend and we refuse to compromise purity and quality for glory or dollar signs. Our product is inspired entirely by the feeling the lifestyle has evoked in all of us, and in the name of change we will continue to push boundaries and put style back onto the shelves. As a brand that refuses to conform, we hope to demonstrate the true value of the individual, and that you will help us fight the usual.
This Company has been in existence for many years and we now find that we need some help in regard to a sales force.

Some of our products are made here in the US by local distributors, and have top quality, highly brushed cotton, smooth neck, non-pinch armpits, and generous waist level garment
In China we have a company that has been vetted with no labor law violations and no hazardous toxic chemicals used in the products.

Again in India we have a US owner of a factory that produces very durable products that wear on the body very well, many customers over the years have sung high praise of these products

Open Positions: Representatives
Atmosphere Clothing has open positions for field reps specializing in the sale of urban clothing, i.e. tee’s hoodies, hats / ball caps, jackets & pants snow, skate clothing, and hard goods such as skateboards and snowboards, around the country in their specific area of responsibility (AOR). The candidates will need show profitability from their territory and have a up to date resume, and be able to communicate freely with business owners. These positions are straight commission pay jobs with bonus incentives.

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